KPI : Quiz Win – HT Nationality Not Advertising

12 Dec

The television station RCTI admitted to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPI ) that show ” Win – HT Nationality Quiz ” is an advertisement . However , based on KPIs to confirm Indonesian Association of Advertising Company ( GN ) , it was not an ad impressions .

” GN said , it’s not advertising , ” said Commissioner KPI Iddy Muzayyad when contacted on Wednesday ( 11/12/2013 ) .jual sepatu keren dan murah se-indonesia

He said he hoped the Election Supervisory Board ( Bawaslu ) as the most competent to take action against the People’s Conscience Party ( Hanura ) , Wiranto Hanura Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Hary Tanoesoedibjo Hanura winning elections as the party who allegedly campaigned through the program .

“If there are elements of the campaign including display right outside the campaign schedule . Thing that is criminal . KPI has been moved from the aspects of broadcasting , so we ask Bawaslu and KPU of kepemiluannya , ” said Iddy . About the alleged engineering in the program , Iddy said it has not been examined thus far .

Previously , Bawaslu said it will coordinate with KPIs to follow up on allegations of engineering in a program broadcast Nationality Quiz Win – HT . Daniel Zuchron Bawaslu member said , it must first make sure there is an element electoral Dalu in the program .

” Because this is a matter of content (content broadcasting ) , good co-ordination with the first KPI . Settings If it turns out there ‘s, what first seen in the realm of electoral politics, ” said Daniel , Tuesday ( 10/12/2013 ) .

He said , if it’s proven broadcast regarding the election , especially the efforts of the campaign , then it will follow the appropriate procedures set forth in Law No. 8 of 2012 on legislative elections .

” Will we handle procedurally , ” said Daniel .

Previously , users of social media , including Twitter and Kaskus , busy talking Nationality Quiz Win – HT , Tuesday ( 10/12/2013 ) . Quiz which was broadcast live on RCTI was alleged to have been set after several participants blurt out answers before asking questions emcee .


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